Content Is King Is More Important Than Ever

The expression,  “Content is king”, has been bandied about for a long time now. What is being referred to in this phrase is the content on a website, by that we mean the words on the web pages, in addition to the blogs, articles, etc. connected to that site. Inspite of the fact that the term has been around for ages now, until fairly  recently many people chose to virtually   ignore it. Then,  many websites ranked highly, and sometimes on page one of Google, with only a few pages of very sparse content. At that time experts estimated that website ranking depended on only about 10% on page SEO , and the other 90% was off page link building. Content writing in those days often consisted of one to two hundred words of text that were often stuffed with keywords.

Therefore, although the words,” Content is king” have always existed, many people paid no heed to them.

Anyone choosing to ignore these words, is doing so at their peril.

Good website content is now just as important as off page SEO, and paying no attention to this will have very serious consequences for any website owner.

Google will no longer tolerate websites that have only a few pages of badly written content that will not interest, entertain or educate their users. The recent 4.1 Google Panda update has made it clear how Google stands as regards content. This Panda update which was announced by Google itself saw many inferior websites and their content topple, and some completely disappeared.Websites that were of a superior quality and full of good interesting and relevant content witnessed a rise in their rankings.

Google is now much more sophisticated than it was, and poor websites and content will never escape their scrutiny, and it is foolish to think you can fool Google. The actual content on the website itself is of the utmost importance, but so too are all the blogs, articles, press releases , etc. associated with the site.

Blogs written on the site or off must be of a good standard and informative. Articles should always be unique, and only be submitted to a very few high quality directories, such as Ezine Articles. Writing a few hundred words spinning them and distributing them to a large number of directories can easily lead to a Google penalty. Only by a website owner fully realising that content is king can he have any hope of seeing his keywords in high rankings on Google.


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