On And Off Page SEO Are Important

In this blog our aim is to discuss how on and off page SEO are important.Everything in life changes, and recently one of the biggest changes have been about how to succeed in an internet business.

To make a business profitable online, the first step then as now, is to have a website in which your goods or services can be advertised and promoted to get in front of the eyes of as many consumers as possible.

The biggest search engine is of course Google, and the intention in the past as at present is to appear on the first page of this so important search engine. Although the goal of website owners have remained unchanged, and by that we mean, seeing their website on the top of Google, the ways of achieving that have completely altered.

Until a couple of years ago websites could appear on top positions on Google simply by having a website consisting of only a few pages and have as many links as possible attached to the website. For example if there were two websites completing for financial terms, the one that had the most links would rank higher than the one with less links. The number of links was really all that mattered for these sites.

This has now changed dramatically due to the quality guidelines set out by Google. What they want is for their readers to have an interesting and educational experience when they read their web pages, and Google is quite right in doing this. What they look for are websites that not only look good as regards their appearance but that also contain information that will entertain and will be of interest to their users.

Website owners will no longer get off with a website that contains very little or badly written content that is of interest to nobody.

This means that what is called on page SEO is every bit as important as off page SEO which is of course link building. It will be much more difficult to rank a site even with good off page SEO if the on page variety has not been carried out well.

It is essential, not only to have good content, but the keywords, in this must also be at the correct density and placed in the correct positions. Unlike in the past, keyword stuffing is not looked on kindly by Google, and in fact sites containing too many keywords can be penalised and lose their rankings, and in extreme cases the website can be deindexed.

When a website has all the on page elements carried out correctly it then becomes SEO friendly, and ready for off page SEO to begin.

It is a question about having a correct balance, and achieving this is what makes websites reach the first page of Google, and website owners should always remember that both on page SEO and off page SEO are important.


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