The Reasons Content Writing Is Important For SEO

The Reasons Content Is Important For SEO.

In this blog we wish to explain the reasons content writing is important for SEO. There are many reasons why original quality content is important, and one of the main reasons is that Google could penalise or lower your rankings due to thin or duplicate content.You can also be penalized if your webpages are not informative.

Google has introduced many updates, one of which is intended to get rid of sites with poor content. This update is known as Panda.

Panda’s aim is to weed out websites that do not have useful content,as well as those who have content copied from elsewhere on the internet. Before the updates, many sites were ranking with only a few web pages, but the web pages did not provide useful information to the user.

Google roll out updates for one reason, and that is they only want quality sites to appear at the top of Google.They do not want websites with poorly written or spammy content.

To stay safe from Panda, it is vital for every webmaster to add content on a regular basis that is informative and provides the website visitor with useful information. It’s also a good idea to refresh content on a regular basis.

Adding a blog to your website is an ideal way to add fresh text and keep it up to date.It is also a great tool for providing a lot of useful information about your product or service. When writing blog posts, share them via your own social media accounts, as this will also help to build natural links to your website. Content that gets shared via these channels is also a signal to Google that you have great content on your web pages that others talk about and share.

It makes excellent sense to look at your Webmaster account and read the latest Google quality guidelines as following their advice will help your site rank better. Failing to meet any guidelines could see your site being penalised or totally deindexed.

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